UKDRN website and forum updates.

Posted on 24,Jul 2014

As regular visitors will see the forum has had a big facelift today.

The other style was out of date and many of the features weren’t working and not manageable any more

I also wanted better social media integration and a cleaner and more professional look.
This new style also has many new features including multiple file uploads so you can add more than one picture at a time and better resizing of images.

At the footer of the forum you can now see the latest posts and there is also a twitter feed and a list of links.
It might take a little time to get used to but I’m confident you’re all up for the task.

The UKDRN homepage has also been updated over the last few months and now runs a “state of the art” blog and content management system which is used by 22% of the top 10 million websites in the world.
Anything I add on the homepage gets picked up by all the major search engines and is publicised around the world in days.

Add this to the recent website move to faster and more reliable servers this now completes many months of work and investment to bring UKDRN completely up to-date and hopefully future proof as I’m really getting to old to keep learn new tricks :) 

I still have work to do on some of the pages and I haven’t had the time to do any real photo editing since the Festival of Power at the start of the season but hopefully I can catch up a bit with these in August.

I also have taken ownership of some spools of rare reel to reel audio recordings from 1972/73 from Santa Pod and RAF Fulbeck that have never been heard in public before and can’t wait to get those published.

Please keep supporting UKDRN so my efforts are worthwhile.

See you at the track :wink:


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