News from Laurie Gatehouse

It is hoped that we can put on a bigger collection of cars than last year and enhance the sometimes unpredictable short wheelbase mutants.
Many of you will know that Havoc is presently in the USA, fulfilling a dream for Nick, Rob and Scott, by taking on the US Fuel Altereds on their home tracks. We wish them well – try not to break anything guys.

2017 will be a huge year for the Gleadows Motor Psycho. It will mark 50 years of the family campaigning cars on the track, starting with a Ford Flathead V8 powered Pop, initially called The Mangler, before being re-named as Motor Pyscho. This year will see another itch being scratched as they will campaign with a new mill in the form of a blown 417 Donovan Hemi, fueled by Nitromethane, ex-The Mob. The chassis has been updated to suit and a 2 speed Lenco via an L & T clutch will put the increased power to the slicks. This has been a lifetime ambition of the Team and we wish them God speed, but only one lane at a time, if you would be so good….

Dave Grabham and family will field Freddy’s Revenge in the hunt for new PB’s, sporting a new look to the front end of the chassis, whilst keeping the paint scheme in its customary design and colours.
We hope to persuade Paul Watson with the ex-Clayton Round Rebel T to join the melee so, much to look forward to, see you at the track.