The Ally Blue Hemi Fusion Dance Anthem

Brian April 14 smallThe story so far – the original ‘Ally Blue’ song

A few years ago Canadian rock/blues artist Ked Dieter and American drag racing enthiusiast Sam Eidy created an excellent tribute song to raise funds for the Allard Chrysler Action Group’s (ACAG) restoration of Europe’s first dragster – Sydney Allard’s 1961 Allard Chrysler owned by the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu. Called Ally Blue, it is straight from the rock and blues music box with a vocal salute to the Beach Boys from Mack Sanders. This link takes you to the track.

This original track features lyrics by Ked and Sam with all music, main vocals and wild guitar from Ked and backing vocals from Mack. There is even the sound of the Allard Chrysler plus sound bites from Sydney Allard and Tommy Ivo recorded in 1964 while they were in the UK during the final year that the dragster was run in anger. It can be downloaded from the previous link with funds generated going towards Allard Chrysler dragster restoration and maintenance costs. It is also available in Audio CD format.


The new Ally Blue Hemi Fusion Dance Anthem

But times move on along with tastes in music so what next? Chairman of the Allard Chrysler Action Group (ACAG), Brian Taylor said, “During the last few years, as I have been travelling on Saturday afternoon to get ready to work on the Allard Chrysler dragster the following day, I found myself listening to Danny Howard’s Dance Anthem programme between 4 and 7pm on BBC Radio One. Not the sort of thing a respectable 73 year old should be doing I know and don’t tell anyone or Danny Howard’s credibility will be completely destroyed with his show being moved to Radio Two. I started to think it would be great to have a Dance Anthem Allard track as a companion to Ked’s original rock song and, thanks to a musical collaboration between the Essex based Hipnotic Jazz and Ked in Canada, we now have it. Links to information about the collaborators are below”.

Ked is also on Facebook and Hipnotic Jazz is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

“The brief was to create music that reflects the sound of a Chrysler Hemi on idle and an early fire-up of the recreated 354 Chrysler Hemi engine in Europe’s first dragster features on the track. As well as pointers to modern Dance Anthems, I gave Glen at Hipnotic Jazz samples from late ‘70s disco music and Tangerine Dream”.

A mix of this music was used as the introduction theme music for the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame video of the 2014 Gala Awards Dinner. This link takes you to this trailer that also features the music.


Ked Dieter doing what he does best these days


Brian continues, “The final 7 minute ‘Dance Anthem’ mix – Hemi Fusion – features Glen’s remixed anthem track with its constant pulsating and sometimes hypnotic electro rhythm, plus the Allard Chrysler Hemi and Ked’s screaming guitar. Is it a true Dance Anthem? I don’t know. But it is pretty close and certainly, to my ears, is a modern musical reflection of a Hemi”.

Ked Dieter said “I just sprinkled a shaker full of guitar on this already fantastic track created by Hipnotic Jazz. Just to be given the opportunity to contribute to another song for a great cause – the restoration of Europe’s first dragster – and have my name attached to the project, is payment enough”.

Glen aka Hipnotic Jazz said, “I think Ked understates his contribution, but like him I approached the idea of working on the track as helping the ACAG promote the project and raise funds; plus I enjoy making music. It has been something quite different to my normal album tracks. If we can gather money from downloads all the better”.

The 7 minute track is available for download from Bandcamp on a ‘pay what you think it is worth’ basis. All proceeds will go towards the restoration and maintenance costs of the Allard Chrysler dragster.

We hope you enjoy the track. Many fans will say that the sound of a Chrysler V8 Hemi is music to their ears anyway. Further details available from the contact below.

Brian Taylor – Chairman

Allard Chrysler Action Group


The Allard Chrysler dragster at Brighton in 1961
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