One of the biggest surprises at Dragstalgia was this Corvette funny car from the Draper brothers.
The car is the Drapers own chassis but the body has heaps of history as we know.

The Corvette was built in 1978 in Southern California by Sarte. It was originally painted yellow and was the car that Tom won the ’79 Winternationals with at Pomona. The car was then bought by Roy Phelps in ’81. Tom came to the UK and drove the car at the Cannonball and World finals races from 82-87. The car was repainted in ’84 and was painted from pictures sent by Tom to Roy from the sister car that was running in the US . The body has changed hands many times and it was a really pleasant surprise to see it again.
The car was stunning in it’s day and still look as good at the weekend.
The original chassis was sitting next door as it’s Doc Stingers Stinger 2 funny car.
To complete the Tom Hoover connection Ian Turbuville was wearing Tom’s mask at the event.