Rat Trap Racing Launches 50th Anniversary World Tour

RT600JSFranklin, TN — There is a long tradition of successful American drag racers taking their cars on the ‘Grand Tour’ of Europe, beginning with legends of the sport Dean Moon and Mickey Thompson in 1963. More than fifty later the tradition continues with the announcement that Ron Hope and the Rat Trap Racing team are beginning a 50th anniversary world tour.

“We actually began the anniversary tour with our land speed cars at the ECTA Ohio Mile event in Wilmington, Ohio,” said team owner Hope. “However, the exciting news is that we are now going to Europe for three races. The first event at Santa Pod in England celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Pod. Then we go to Hockenheim in Germany, and then back to Santa Pod for the Euro Finals. Incidentally, Randy Brandford’s Fiat-bodied AA/Fuel Altered will join Rat Trap on the tour.”

There have been a series of record-setting Rat Trap AA/Fuel Altereds over the last half century. The first was constructed circa 1965. However, today’s Rat Trap is a continuation of the car developed by chassis builder Dennis Watson in 1968. Unlike the early cars that were conventional in design, Watson’s car was revolutionary with independent front suspension, a nitro-burning Chrysler Hemi, and a distinctly wild paint scheme. Rat Trap was one of the four cars that participated in the celebrated Fuel Altered Tours of 1970, ’71 and ’72. Running on 90 percent nitro, Hope’s best performance to date is a 6.35 E.T., and a speed of 229.88 mph

The Rat Trap racecar will also be displayed at the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame Gala, November 19, 2016 at the Sheraton Skyline Hotel near Heathrow Airport, England.

Running two Fuel Altereds and two land speed roadsters, and five members of the family driving, the Rat Trap team is on the road nine months of the year, in both the U.S. and Canada. The team has made previous appearances overseas, participating three times at the prestigious “Goodwood Festival of Speed” in England, and at Rod Millen’s “Leadfoot Festival” in New Zealand.

The three currently scheduled European Rat Trap events are:
• Dragstalgia:
July 15-17, Santa Pod Raceway, England
• NitrOlympX: August 19-21, Hockenheim, Germany
• Euro Finals: September 8-11, Santa Pod Raceway, England

“This is a terrific opportunity to mark fifty years of success, and to give even more fans a chance to experience the excitement of a bad-to-the bone fuel-altered,” added Hope. “Racing in front of the fans is what drives us to continue, and we’re grateful to all our sponsors for helping make this tour possible.”
About Rat Trap Racing

Rat Trap Racing, Franklin, TN., is an internationally renowned racing team competing in both land speed and drag racing. Headed by Ron Hope and his son Brian, the team is a family affair that sees Ron’s wife, Dianne, daughter-in-law Rebecca, and granddaughter Victoria all taking turns piloting the racecars. In addition, crew chief Brian can often be found behind the wheel of Rich Guasco’s “Pure Hell” Altered.

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