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As a previous winner to the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame Media Awards don’t forget the 2016 awards; this year sponsored by Mintex. Open to professionals and amateurs. One for photo journalism and another for written journalism. They will be presented at the 2016 British Drag Racing Hall of Fame Gala Awards Dinner being held at the fabulous Sheraton Skyline Hotel, Heathrow on November 19th in the company of great drag racing personalities from the USA and Europe. They include Don Schumacher, Paula Murphy, Carl Olson, Traci Hrudka, Eileen Daniels, Graham Light plus many more still to be announced. Entries can cover the period August 2015 to July 2016 so many suitable items will already be ready to go before the judges provided by the Guild of Motoring Writers, Octane Magazine and head photo judge Nick Mason of Pink Floyd. Your chance to be recognized in front of drag racing greats from around the world.

Many of you will be at the SPR Main Event this coming weekend or at Shakespeare County or York so I thought a suitable reminder was in order. It helps in the preparation of entries for judging if they are sent in as soon as you have decided that you have something suitable. You can send as many entries as you like right up to the closing date.

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Brian Taylor

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buy Lyrical dance costumes onlineThe latest issue of ACAG Update is now online and the link takes you to the on-line version. It covers the work carried out on the Europe’s first dragster (Sydney Allard’s 1961 Allard Chrysler owned by the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu) since December 2015. The car should be firing the car up later this month and hopefully making appearances at Beaulieu (Hot Rod and Custom Show), Santa Pod (Dragstalgia and Euro Finals), Burley (Aston Martin Owners) and the Brighton Speed Trials. The dragster is always on display at the museum of course.

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I was struck by the fact that Beckerfocused on killing or wielding power over others as a major mode of cop-ing with the fear of death. (2007) Impact of psychotropicmedications on simulated driving: a critical review.

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Endoscopic management of suspected esophageal foreign body in adults.

Wolf D buy Lyrica online cheap Harris N, Rotter V (1984) Reconstitution of p53 expression in a nonproducerAb-MuLV-transformed cell line by transfection of a functional p53 gene. (2010) Comparison of the effects ofa physiotherapist-supervised exercise programme and a self-supervised exercise programme on quality of life in patientswith Parkinson’s disease

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(2010) Comparison of the effects ofa physiotherapist-supervised exercise programme and a self-supervised exercise programme on quality of life in patientswith Parkinson’s disease. It is estimated that CBD accounts for4–6% of parkinsonism. Similarly, in patients withprolonged or new-onset wound secretion after implantation, diagnostic debridement sur-gery is required regardless of whether the patient has clinical or laboratory signs of infec-tion. Some patientsrespond incompletely to corticosteroids and requireadjunctive therapy or a switch to an alternate modality.IVIG and plasmapheresis are both effective but often mustbe continued indefinitely. The anatomical and alveolar dead-spacevolumes are collectively referred to as total orphysiological dead space.

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This confirmslack of systemic activity of inhaled steroids (atdoses < 600 µg/day). Only twentymiles away, in Taiyuan, there were an estimated 300 cases and 15 deaths,though the provincial government only acknowledged 162 of the cases and7 of the deaths. In fact can i buy Pregabalin in canada crosses failed to produce homozygousMdmX transgenic mice. Its vital importance in preventing human cancer developmentand progression is simply reected by the fact that mutations of its gene TP53 aredetected in approximately 50 % of all types of human cancers, and the functions andstability of the p53 protein are often abrogated via posttranslational mechanisms inthe rest of human cancers that harbor wild type TP53 [1–3]. Pin infection should be rapidly treated with local cleaning and oralantibiotics. However can i buy Pregabalin in canada lowdoses of propylthiouracil are preferred: its greaterprotein binding allows less transfer to the foetus.For the same reason it is to be preferred in thenursing mother. Penicillins, cephalosporins, and ?-lactamaseinhibitors showed median concentration ratios of 0.16, 0.18, and 0.22

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Penicillins, cephalosporins, and ?-lactamaseinhibitors showed median concentration ratios of 0.16, 0.18, and 0.22. The Cache Riveris on western border; interstate highway lies 2 milesfrom the city limits on the east. Galie N, Brundage BH, Ghofrani HA, Oudiz RJ, Simonneau G, Safdar Z, et al

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Galie N, Brundage BH, Ghofrani HA, Oudiz RJ, Simonneau G, Safdar Z, et al. This reduction is neces-saryto maintain a constant numberofchromosomes in a givenspecies. Acromegaly due to small pituitary tumoursand inoperable cases.

J Appl Physiol 20(6):1211–1216Mokry J Pregabalin to buy uk Mokra D, Nosalova G (2007) Effects of meco-nium on airway reactivity to histamine and acetylcho-line in vitro. The patient also complains of palpitation with mild activity and dizziness onstanding for … months. The endothelial cell nuclei(ECN) project into the lumen of the vessel and appear to be sitting ontop of the cell.
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order Lyrica samplesA BDRA newsletter dated December 1964/January 1965, complete with membership application form has been found and kindly posted on the forum by member Mr Motormind. It also features the premier issue of ‘British Drag Racing’ dated January 1965, still in newsletter format but introducing the logo that would appear on the cover of the printed magazines a few months later.

To view the full item click on the image or visit the link below.


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RT600JSFranklin, TN — There is a long tradition of successful American drag racers taking their cars on the ‘Grand Tour’ of Europe, beginning with legends of the sport Dean Moon and Mickey Thompson in 1963. More than fifty later the tradition continues with the announcement that Ron Hope and the Rat Trap Racing team are beginning a 50th anniversary world tour.

“We actually began the anniversary tour with our land speed cars at the ECTA Ohio Mile event in Wilmington, Ohio,” said team owner Hope. “However, the exciting news is that we are now going to Europe for three races. The first event at Santa Pod in England celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Pod. Then we go to Hockenheim in Germany, and then back to Santa Pod for the Euro Finals. Incidentally, Randy Brandford’s Fiat-bodied AA/Fuel Altered will join Rat Trap on the tour.”

There have been a series of record-setting Rat Trap AA/Fuel Altereds over the last half century. The first was constructed circa 1965. However, today’s Rat Trap is a continuation of the car developed by chassis builder Dennis Watson in 1968. Unlike the early cars that were conventional in design, Watson’s car was revolutionary with independent front suspension, a nitro-burning Chrysler Hemi, and a distinctly wild paint scheme. Rat Trap was one of the four cars that participated in the celebrated Fuel Altered Tours of 1970, ’71 and ’72. Running on 90 percent nitro, Hope’s best performance to date is a 6.35 E.T., and a speed of 229.88 mph

The Rat Trap racecar will also be displayed at the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame Gala, November 19, 2016 at the Sheraton Skyline Hotel near Heathrow Airport, England.

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The Allard Chrysler Action Group (ACAG) is pleased to announce that Draper Tools has joined the list of those businesses supporting the restoration of Europe’s first dragster – Sydney Allards 1961 Allard Chrysler owned by the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu.

Draper Tools was established in 1919 and is now based in Chandlers Ford – not far from the National Motor Museum. It is a hugely respected and much used automotive industry trade supplier being a one-stop-shop for professional mechanics, motor factors, MoT garages and automotive repair workshops

The focus is always on quality and their range includes hand service tools, diagnostics and workshop equipment. As well as the Draper branded products the company also supplies Knipex, Elora and Kapro Tools. Their website address is order Pregabalin online uk and Mark Smith of Draper Tools can usually be found in the drag racing pits at race meetings.

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Consultant to the NHRA Eileen Daniels and Chairman of the Quarter Mile Foundation Traci Hrudka are planning a return visit to the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame Gala evening which is taking place on Saturday 19th November at the Sheraton Skyline Hotel at London’s Heathrow Airport.

Bob Daniels FireflyEileen, together with husband Bob who died in 2007, helped grow NHRA to the prominence it currently enjoys. In their racing career, their Fiat Topolino Altered enjoyed many wins. In 1959 Wally Parks recruited Bob as a Division Director for NHRA. After twenty years of opening tracks and organising events in the division, Bob was appointed as General Manager for Indianapolis Raceway Park where he and Eileen worked until their retirement.

At last year’s Hall of Fame Gala, Eileen (pictured right) inducted Yvonne Tramm into the BDRHoF. Eileen said ‘What a wonderful time we all had in England last year, it was a trip of a lifetime. Yvonne Tramm followed the same path as me in working at Santa Pod Drag Strip for 32 years. Her history is very near my life career story. She is a lovely lady and I was proud to present her award to her.’


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