Interview with Rat Trap’s Brian Hope about Dragstalgia

Posted on 3,Jul 2014


Photograph:Stuart Mitchell


With only a week to go before the biggest nostalgia drag racing event ever to be held in the UK I thought it would be cool to ask Rat Trap Racing’s Brian Hope a few questions.

Brian thanks for taking the time to talk to ukdrn and answer a few questions. For all of us drag racing fans here in the UK it’s incredible news that 2 of the baddest fuel altereds on the planet are coming to race at Santa Pod Raceway’s Dragstalgia meeting. How much are you looking forward to it?

Words cannot describe the excitement surrounding this event.
We are so honoured with this opportunity.

We know that you have run the car at  Goodwood again this year but how much more preparation does it take to match race these cars especially overseas?

The preparation to race is completely different than doing an exhibition.
To race it requires more people which requires more travel planning,
meals and lodging. It probably doubles the work load on everyone.


What about parts and spares for Dragstalgia

Choosing what parts to bring is difficult because you would like to bring everything
but that is just not possible. We brought parts that we would most likely use, bearings,
blower belts, pistons and rings, stuff like that.


How big will the team be at Santa Pod ?

Well of course my Dad is driving so my Mom will be there,
my wife and kids also are coming. 
My Uncle and 1 crew from the states along with some crew from USAutomotive
that have helped with the car in the past will be there.

I see you are down for driving the Pure Hell car, how has that come about?

It all started at Goodwood FoS last year.
The Guasco family has been very close friends with the Hope family for a number of years. 
Sitting around the paddock Rich Guasco asked if I would like to drive his car for him. 
There were some things we needed to work out since I handle all of the 
tuning duties on our car. 
We spent the rest of the year working out details, I finished my license
so then it was time to get comfortable in the car.

How many runs are planned for that weekend?

To my knowledge we are planning on 1 run Fri, 2 Sat and 2 Sun.

At this event we still like to practice the crowd pleasing fire burnouts, will you guys be taking part?

I don't know if we will be involved with that, those decisions are made by Ron and Rich.

Is there anything you would like say?

I can't tell everyone enough how grateful and honored we are to come and race in England.
The support and interest everyone has shown is very touching.
I also would like to thank everyone at USAutomotive for their hard work
and dedication for helping us make all of this happen.

On behalf of everyone attending Dragstalgia I would like to thank you  all for coming to the event and wish you all the best of luck.

We can’t wait see you.

See you at the track.




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