Santa Pod Dragstalgia images

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Santa Pod Raceway 2014 Dragstalgia images

Images from Santa Pod Raceway’s 2014 Dragstalgia event can be viewed by clicking on the image of Brian Hope in Pure Hell or by
clicking on the link below.

My CHRR Part 3.

Part 3 can be viewed now including video’s of the Winged Express, Rat Trap and the Bradford’s topo.
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Mark Stratton’s twin engined powered dragster in action.

Photo’s being added all the time on the ukdrn forum.
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10 days and counting


Mooneyes’ archives now at Beaulieu

m1Most automotive enthusiasts will know that Dean Moon was very much involved in supplying parts and advice to Sydney Allard’s team back in the winter of 1960/61 when Europe’s first dragster was being assembled in the Allard Motor Company Clapham workshop under Sydney’s office. Dean was also very much involved in bringing Dante Duce and the Mooneyes dragster across to appear in the UK during 1963.

What was not known was the fact that Dean kept copies of the correspondence linked to his association with the project in his office drawer, along with press cuttings. They have been discovered only recently and, backed by Shige Suganuma and Chico Kodama of Mooneyes, have been copied and printed in a folder by Allison Jobe of SXS Performance in California.


The completed publication has been donated to the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu as part of the archives linked to the Allard Chrysler dragster. Along with lots more information it can now be accessed by researchers using the library at the museum.

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