Mark Stratton’s twin engined powered dragster in action.

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Allan Herridge in Pulsation


Herridge and Beadle Brothers – Motivation.

A cracking and very  rare colour shot of the stunning Herridge and Beadle Brothers “Motivation” sitting alongside John Harrison’s Jynx.

Built in 1968 to NHRA Junior Fueller specs and fitted with a state of the art 138 inch chassis that had been fitted with a nitro injected 301 Chevy.

The Chevy had power-pack heads, Chet Herbert cam kit, Hilborn injection set for 40% nitro, Jahns forged pistons, Grant rings and Mr Gasket roller rockers.

Allan won the 1968  championship with this car and run the first nine second junior pass outside the USA.



Image from Jennifer Beadle.

Tee Rat – Pic of the day


The Stones Racing Tee Rat. Picture by Cliff Jones

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Tommy Ivo at the 64 Drag Festivals – UKDRN Pic Of The Day

Not only did Tommy Ivo and Don Garlits lay down huge amounts of rubber in 1964 at the drag festivals they also laid down the foundations of the sport here in the UK.