The International Organisation of Professional Drivers (IOPD) will once again be supporting the 2017 British Drag Racing Hall of Fame (BDRHoF) Annual Awards Dinner being held this year at the Oatlands Park Hotel, Weybridge on November 18th. And we are pleased to announce that Ron Hope of Rat Trap Racing has confirmed that he too is renewing his sponsorship of the event.


The IOPD was formed in 1990 to regulate and support the driving experience sector of recreational motor sport in the UK. It was brought about by the MSA/RAC refusal to recognise and permit ‘Run What You Brung’ events and track driving activities thereby denying participants and organisers a route to legitimisation and parity with main stream motor sports.

The IOPD soon grew, facilitating events for some 70,000 to 100,000 participants each year – not only for driving experiences but for full competition and Drag Racing. The IOPD also permits many of the world’s international motor manufacturers driving experience programs and track days. A visit to their website will explain all.

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US AUTOMOTIVE Backs British Drag Racing Awards Gala

Another regular British Drag Racing Hall of Fame (BDRHoF) supporter has announced that it will be sponsoring the 2017 BDRHoF Gala Awards Dinner – this year being held at the Oatlands Park Hotel, Weybridge, on November 18th. That company is American parts supplier US Automotive which has helped fund the Hall of Fame since it was established in 2006.

Bedford-based US Automotive currently stocks in excess of 20,000 product lines that cover the most popular applications from the classics of the 1950’s up to current models and are updated regularly to follow market trends. The company supplies parts from the most respected American manufacturers, including Crane Cams, Fel-Pro Gaskets, Clevite Engine Bearings, Sealed Power and TRW engine components, and provides full technical support not only for its product range but also for American vehicles in general.

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Celebrating the Beach Boys Music at Hof gala

beach-boys-dragon-colourThere have been many influences and events that have raised the awareness of drag racing and hot rodding as sports and pastimes. Automotive shows and films like American Graffiti and Grease, feature articles, displays, TV coverage and festivals – all have played their part, particularly on a national basis. The popular music culture has always been a primary source of what is considered cool or not –by young people especially – but as far as drag racing and hot rodding is concerned only one band can be described as the masters of the music that promotes our sport internationally.

The British Drag Racing Hall of Fame (BDRHoF) in association with the National Street Rod Association (NSRA) is proud to announce that The Beach Boys will be the recipients of a special Global Impact Award being presented at the BDRHoF Gala Awards Dinner being held at the Sheraton Skyline Hotel, London Heathrow on November 19th. And the big news is that one of the original Beach Boys, David Lee Marks, will be there to accept the award on behalf of the band. They have been behind the music that inspired more than a generation of hot rodders and drag racing enthusiasts and via their concerts they have continued to raise awareness of these unique sports throughout the world for over 50 years.

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Latest British Drag Racing Hall of Fame on-line magazine published

The latest issue of the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame’s on-line magazine HOFtalk is now.

Click on the image below to view
HOFtalk II

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The British Drag Racing Hall Of Fame in association with US Automotive continues into its tenth successful year and is pleased to announce the 2016 intake. Nominees are eligible by dint of having raced, owned, designed, built, maintained, prepared, promoted, officiated, supported or taken part in British drag racing in any capacity, having been involved for at least twenty years, or having made a significant and recognisable contribution to the sport. The 2016 inductees, in alphabetical order, are US dragster builder, driver and overseas pioneer the late Bob Keith, engineer, crew chief and race car builder Rob Loaring, Santa Pod Racers Club Secretary the late Paula Marshall and Europe’s first permanent drag racing track Santa Pod Raceway.

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NHRA’s Eileen Daniels and Quarter Mile Foundation’s Traci Hrudka planning return visit to 2016 British Drag Racing Hall of Fame Gala

Consultant to the NHRA Eileen Daniels and Chairman of the Quarter Mile Foundation Traci Hrudka are planning a return visit to the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame Gala evening which is taking place on Saturday 19th November at the Sheraton Skyline Hotel at London’s Heathrow Airport.

Bob Daniels FireflyEileen, together with husband Bob who died in 2007, helped grow NHRA to the prominence it currently enjoys. In their racing career, their Fiat Topolino Altered enjoyed many wins. In 1959 Wally Parks recruited Bob as a Division Director for NHRA. After twenty years of opening tracks and organising events in the division, Bob was appointed as General Manager for Indianapolis Raceway Park where he and Eileen worked until their retirement.

At last year’s Hall of Fame Gala, Eileen (pictured right) inducted Yvonne Tramm into the BDRHoF. Eileen said ‘What a wonderful time we all had in England last year, it was a trip of a lifetime. Yvonne Tramm followed the same path as me in working at Santa Pod Drag Strip for 32 years. Her history is very near my life career story. She is a lovely lady and I was proud to present her award to her.’


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