Frank Wareham (the voice of Geronimo)

With dragstalgia only days away and with many people reminiscing about the old days I thought it would be interesting to post some interesting audio recordings made by Frank Wareham (the voice of Geronimo)

The consisted of Frank Wareham, John Siggery, Colin Calverley and David Gittings,  Michael “Tik” Tickner who built the car and very kindly sent me the recordings.

Geronimo was an amazing dragster . It was a regular winner in Top Dragster and often took on and beat the AA fuel dragsters of the day.

These recordings not only offer a an unique insight in running the dragster back then when everything was a learning process but they also give up a listen to what was going on back then.Gaction

This is part one of a recording made at Santa Pod in 1969.

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1973 Santa Pod Raceway Spring Nationals recording

73springAnother amatuer audio recording is online now and it’s the 1973 Spring Nationals from Santa Pod Raceway
Brian Taylor on the mic and some interesting runs by vehicles we haven’t heard on other recordings.

This one is a bit messed up as the tape must be quite worn as I can here the recording from the other side coming through in places so I’ve had to scrap a lot of it.
Best bet is to download it and flick through.

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New audio recording from Santa Pod Raceway 1972

1972aA few weeks ago I took a punt and brought some reel to reel tapes from ebay that where listed as drag racing.

I thought it would be cool to get something that hasn’t ever been heard in public before.

I got them for a half decent price and thankfully most of them they do contain old UK drag race meeting recordings.

I managed to borrow a reel to reel player from a old work college which is really cool and have started to digitize them.
There mixed quality but I think there great to listen to.

The first one is listed as Santa Pod Nationals meeting 1972 which must be the one below.


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