The 22nd Mopar Euro Nationals 2015 Flyer

Posted on 13,Feb 2015 in Mopar Euro Nationals 2014

Here is the flyer for this years Mopar Euro Nationals.
As well as all the usual great stuff going on the event now hosts a round of the Gasser Circus.

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My California Hot Rod Reunion

The first part of my report about my visit to the California Hot Rod Reunion is online now.
Click on image to view.

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NSRA Hot Rod Drags.

Good luck to everyone racing at this year’s Hot Rod Drags.
Because of some sudden changes at SCR and also some other issues I have with them it saddens me to say it I won’t be attending this event or any others at the venue in foreseeable future.

I’m Sorry to let down all my friends and the racers that I usually meet up with at the event.

Have a great one guys.


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Andy Wright’s Pro Mod fire from the Mopar Euro Nationals

Skillfully Andy brings the car to a halt and was thankfully okay.

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Roadrunner at the Mopars – Pic of the day


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UKDRN website and forum updates.

As regular visitors will see the forum has had a big facelift today.

The other style was out of date and many of the features weren’t working and not manageable any more

I also wanted better social media integration and a cleaner and more professional look.
This new style also has many new features including multiple file uploads so you can add more than one picture at a time and better resizing of images.

At the footer of the forum you can now see the latest posts and there is also a twitter feed and a list of links.
It might take a little time to get used to but I’m confident you’re all up for the task.

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