BDRHOF Announce winners of Sydney Allard media awards

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Earlier this year, the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame (BDRHoF) announced two new awards to be presented at the Annual Gala Awards Event being held at the Savill Court Hotel, Windsor Great Park on November 22nd. They celebrate the importance of the media in promoting drag racing along with the crucial role played by the late Sydney Allard as the ‘Father of British Drag Racing’. The new crystal trophies are sponsored by the Allard Motor Company operated by Sydney’s son Alan and his grandson Lloyd.

The BDRHoF Sydney Allard Awards are open to professionals and amateurs. Best Written Journalism is for to the writer of the best book, article or feature on British drag racing published in print or on-line during the 12-months ending July 2014. Best Photo Journalism is for the best photograph featuring British drag racing, either published in print or on-line during the 12 months ending July 2014, or remaining un-published.

There were over 80 entries for the best Photo Journalism Award and independent judges Mark Sommer (Art Editor) and David Lillywhite (Editor) of Octane Magazine narrowed it down to 10. They included photos from Jon Spoard, Julian Hunt, Dennis Vos, Jenni Long, Matt Woods, Tom Loomes, Nigel Holland and Stu Mitchell. In fact three of the Top Ten photos were taken by Jon Spoard.

These ten images were sent to Pink Floyd drummer and classic car collector/racer Nick Mason for final selection of three winners that he prioritised. Nick is President of the Guild of Motoring Writers and a regular columnist for Octane Magazine. He is also a Trustee of the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu, Chairman of the Trustee Advisory Board and Patron of the Allard Chrysler Action Group.

 The final three were photos from Jon Spoard, Julian Hunt and Dennis Vos. Jon Spoard’s ‘Slingshot and Sun’ was his number 1 choice. It has been published on Jon’s own Nostalgia website UKDRN.

Winner of Sydney Allard Award for best photo journalism

Slingshot and Sun Jon Spoard small

Alan Allard said,

“Lloyd and I are so proud that the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame has chosen to honour my father’s role in giving birth to drag racing in Europe with these two trophies. We are naturally pleased to sponsor them. The Guv’nor’ understood how important media publicity could be in attracting interest and promoting any new motorsport activity so celebrating photography and the written word is something that would have met with his approval ”.

 The BDRHoF would like to thank all those who entered this year and look forward to even more next year.

Jon Spoard


There was a broad spread of entries for ‘Best Written Journalism’ ranging from published articles to blogs and on-line race reports. These were sent to independent judge Guy Loveridge, Chairman of the Guild of Motoring Writers that is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. He selected a well-researched article called ‘The Invasion Begins’ that was published in Gasser Magazine USA and Street Gasser UK in April 2014. It is about the International Drag Racing Festival in 1964 and was written by Nick Brooke-Langham

Winner of Sydney Allard Award for best written journalism

Allard Trophy article 600

Nick Brooke-Langham


The Invasion Begins – International Drag Racing Festival 1964

Published in Gasser Magazine USA, Street Gasser UK, April 2014

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