Detroit Spinner – Pic Of The Day

Detroit Spinner

Picture:Ray Archer

Todays picture is of the Detroit Spinner car that once belonged to Arthur Bonner and is now run by Nigel Taylor.

The car will be returning to the track this season running at the NSRA Nostalgia Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway and Santa Pod Raceway’s “Dragstalgia” event in July.

The End of Brighton Speed Trials?

During the speed trials in 2012 a lady rider on a combination was killed. The inquest had not been held so the event did not take place this year in case the coroner made some recommendations on safety. However, since then the green party lead councillors of the Economic Development & Culture Committee have decided that the speed trials should not take place in the future and they have already pencilled in an alternative event for the day in September when the trials would normally take place. They have also decided that there should be an event to ‘Celebrate ‘ the end of the speed trials!
There has been no full council involvement in this decision.

There is an e-petition on the Brighton and Hove city website and I ask as many of you as possible who care about such things to sign the petition to keep an event that has been part of Brighton and motor sport in this country since 1905.
This could also mean the end of the Brighton and Hove Motor club as it is their main event and income for the year.
We need at least 1250 signatures to get a full council debate.
Please sign up before the deadline date of 23rd January 2014. Thanks

Glacier Grenade to return to the strip


The fantastic news is out that Russ and Andrew Carpenter are to return to the strip with the Glacier Grenade dragster with Andrew driving.
Russ is one of the true UK drag racing engineering giants and the performances he got from this car were then and still are incredible today.
Of course Andrew “slim” Carpenter has a huge amount to learn but it will be a real honour and pleasure watching this team out again.
Obliviously  a return to racing isn’t cheap so if anyone wishes to support (Nitro etc) one of the greatest pieces of UK drag racing machinery ever built then you can contact Andrew through this website.
Andrew has also kindly promised to keep ukdrn updated of news on the return